Welcome to what will hopefully be a unique social email forum to share investment and trade ideas. Before I get started I'll tell you a little about Eagle Trading.  My investment partner Marc and I have over 45 years of combined trading experience spanning from New York City to Florida. Both of us own and operate other businesses so trading is not our only source of income. In all of our years of trading we have never had a newsletter or posted our buys or sells in real time during trading hours.  Our correspondence with fellow traders has always been mostly informal and a simple sharing of ideas and we would like to continue in that way.  Our objective is to keep this interactive membership limited and we're hoping that all participants can profit from our knowledge of the market and our low risk trading setups as well as idea sharing we will convey from other members. Unlike other sites we won't be conducting real time chat rooms throwing out 20 different ideas in a day but we will be exploring the possibility of real time text alerts with entries and exits for high probability low risk setups only.  Due to volatility and constantly changing daily market conditions we think it wouldn't be prudent to throw a bunch of price points out there and expect the market to behave accordingly. Instead we look at the market from macro to micro in a top down fashion taking everything into account from market psychology to technicals as well as world events and specific company news flows. Over the next few weeks we will be developing a website and adding different tools and ideas to the forum.  Please stay tuned and continue reading if you're interested in more information on our current outlook and a few socks we're watching.  The future emails will be more simplified and specific and we'll be adding more profit sharing features.


Eagle Trading Market Newsletter-Intro.