If you simply Google the words "Stock Market" or "Day-trading" you'll get an infinite amount of sites offering services to potential clients/customers.  Within each site you'll likely find two basic styles or investment strategies- fundamental and/or technical.  The problem is that if everyone is looking at the same information so how do you separate yourself from the herd?  How can we outperform, or even perform for that matter, if we're all looking at the same charts and same analysis as every other trader?  We feel that that the market psychology of fear and greed has not changed over time but everything else about the market HAS changed.  The speed of information, quantitative analysis, algorithmic computerized trading systems, hedge funds, Twitter, and so many other modern formulas, strategies, and technologies have drastically altered our market environment.  Our system is unique in that we combine many of these strategies but we also incorporate 6 specific indicators that we rarely hear other traders talk about.  This information is available to every investor/trader but are never mentioned as a combined thesis to help determine both individual stock and broader market direction.  To us it's not rocket science but it's simple and effective and we've used it with tremendous success for the last 5 years. Without getting into too much detail let's just say we have a formula that combines a value weighting of the VIX, Treasury Market, Emerging Market ETFs, "Canary in the Coal Mine Stocks", Bull/Bear Sentiment/ and "pivot/momentum point" charting.  This is the macro of the "top down" strategy and the individual stock charting and analysis is obviously the micro.